Brain and water are same. If  water is crystal clear you can drink it and your thirst is fulfilled. If water is not crystal clear we will never drink it and suppose water appears crystal clear and if it is not properly filtered then if we drink this water we will fall sick. Now, if our Brain is crystal clear we will be able to do anything in life very easily and we will live a happy and peaceful life. If our brain is not crystal clear i.e if it is,
1) Full of doubts,

2) It is wandering from one thought to another,
3) No particular concentration on what we are doing. Doing anything without thinking or focusing on that thing. This type of non crystal clear brain is not at all useful even to us as well as the society. No one is ready to drink non crystal clear water, i.e nobody wants to work with, talk with or hear from such a non crystal clear brain. Because a non crystal clear brain will lead to a foggy life where nothing of that person is clear, his work, his thoughts, his behaviour, his life. He is a ship without a radar, no direction, no focus, no plan. 



 Now another type of brain is where the brain appears clear but it is not filtered. Like water which appears clear but is not filtered and may cause a person to fall sick after drinking it. This type of brain is a brain which tries hard to be clear from outside but from inside the brain is full of impurities. The brain is not designed to do a two-way behaviour, like trying to show the world that you are very clear in your thoughts and actions but from inside your brain you are not at all clear. 


Such type of people are more dangerous in society because they silently attack people by appearing to be crystal clear from outside. Such people with this type of brain are a very big danger to the society. They will progress themselves at the COST OF OTHERS. 




In short, we must always maintain the type of brain that is crystal clear. This is the type of brain which will make us happy and progress in life and it will also make the society happy and finally if we(humans) make the society happy, GOD is happy and when God is happy he showers his benefits on us like a heavy rainfall.

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  1. Wow, amazing blog…so relatable and thoughtful. KEEP IT UP.


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